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Our Vision

A Potentially Global Network

Methera Global Communications Ltd. An innovative communications technology company with the vision to enable the delivery of digital applications to rural and un(der)served communities.

A Potentially Global Network

Methera uses a Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite constellation that is optimised to deliver super high speed broadband and data services to rural and un(der)served communities in targeted nations around the world.

Initially, 16 satellites will be used delivering up to 120 Gbps of broadband connectivity into any one nation. As demand increases, more satellites will be added increasing the maximum capacity available to each nation.

Initial Launch 2021

The initial 16 satellite launch will be in 2021, providing a highly competitive global based communications network for areas un(der)served by terrestrial networks, capable of serving complete nations as the primary solution.

The first tranche of capacity will become available to selected priority partners in 2021. Capacity and resilience will increase with each successive tranche of satellites launched, as well as cost improvements as new technologies become available and proven.

National Control

Methera capacity will be wholesaled to national partners selected by their administration. Capacity will be reserved for partners on a first come first served basis. We will work with partners to produce extremely low cost solutions for end users.

Lower Prices and Improved Performance

The Methera system will significantly reduce bandwidth costs and deliver a level of service and performance that will be a step change from that which is currently achievable.

Small End User Terminal

Methera’s end user terminal will be about the size of a basketball and will be simple to install needing only a view of the sky, a firm base and a power supply (either plugin to the local electricity or a solar panel plus battery)

Selected by UK Space Agency and Innovate UK

In 2017, Methera Global Communications Limited and its consortium partners won grants from the UK Space Agency and Innovate UK to accelerate the development of the system and its design.

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